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 Welcome to Low Vision of Northern Illinois
and Southern Wisconsin 

Low Vision of Illinois can be described as the best-corrected vision
with conventional spectacles or contact lenses, which are still insufficient
to  perform everyday activities and tasks such as reading, writing,
driving, television, playing cards, or seeing medication bottles.
The goal of Low Vision of Illinois is to provide a degree of usable vision
with the help of sophisticated optical devices and aids, sufficient to do
everyday visual tasks.
Dr. Svetlana Pikus, a highly experienced low-vision optometrist, will discuss 
the issues in a free telephone interview before an appointment is offered.


Get Help Dealing With Low Vision

Low Vision of Illinois
Low Vision of Illinois

Dr. Svetlana Pikus is uniquely trained and experienced

in providing low-vision glasses and devices to make the most of the vision that remains.


Dr. Pikus is a member of the International Academy of

Low Vision Specialists.


Low Vision of Illinois

Reading notes and playing music

Low Vision of Illinois

Driving with bioptic telescope

Low Vision of Illinois

Reading with focusable telescope

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